Monday, April 15, 2013

the details

The hotels are all arranged, the flights are arranged, and the details are finally in place. Usually there are several months to do all the planning, but for this trip there were just a couple of weeks, and it was extremely complicated because we're moving from island to island, and getting the internal flights was complicated by our inability to book with an American credit card on the airline we planned to use. But finally, it's all arranged (links to the hotels in the right sidebar):

Dusun Jogja Village Inn, Yogyakarta, JAVA

Roemahkoe, Solo, JAVA

Toraja Heritage Hotel, Tana Toraja, SULAWESI
Bahowo Lodge, Bunaken Park, N SULAWESI
Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort, Manado, SULAWESI

And the flights -- it's amazing how often we have to refer to the blog for these details, either for the trip we're taking or to remember an important detail from a previous trip. Big picture: blue is international, in to Jakarta out to Tokyo, and the yellow gets us around Indonesia:

The details:

And then, within Indonesia it'll be this:

With this, we will have nearly seen all of SE Asia. What's missing is the Philippines, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and are Nepal and Tibet considered SE Asia?

I am SO excited. It's always so wonderful getting to see another part of the world, and traveling together, and stepping outside our normal, easy lives. There's a little day-counting-down going on right now.

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