Thursday, May 16, 2013

morning broke

one of our happiest trips EVER
Yesterday was a wash -- a literal wash, as storms blew in and it rained, and rained, and rained, and rained. We'd asked ourselves how it stayed so lush and green, because we never experienced any rain, and yesterday we found the answer to our question. Boy, did it rain. And the sand 'streets' on Gili T became pale brown rivers. We ate an OK dinner at our hotel and watched the downpour.

and the rains came pouring down
but a nice sunset after it ended -- Marc said it was much more intense than this
This morning, as these things go, a beautiful day presented itself. And the air was fresh and clean, not at all muggy. Another benefit of the storm. After breakfast, Marc did a bit of snorkeling off our beach and I watched from a beach chair. He said there were very different fish than we've ever seen, including one with a  big horn; not a menacing fish, just a fish with a horn. You know.

a beautiful morning, so clean and fresh
A horse cart picked us up at 10am for the extraordinarily bumpy ride to the other side of the island, with me wincing the whole way from my poor little bruised rib pain. The ride back to Bali was spectacular; at one point the sea became glassy smooth and the clouds reflected like a mirror. A pod of dolphins appeared out our window, to a chorus of cheers from people inside and on top of the boat. 

some rode on the sunny top of the boat
but I sat inside, and saw this

When we landed back on Bali, there was way too much hubbub and confusion about the transportation back to Ubud, but we finally ended up in a van with a beautiful young couple from Montreal and a couple of young women (one from Belgium one from France). The hour-long trip was a sardine-like experience, but we finally arrived at our lovely little hotel, Alam Indah. It's not as wonderful as Alam Jiwah, but it's so nice to be back here in Ubud, which is certainly one of the special places on earth.

so so happy
We have a full day tomorrow, and then a half day before we begin the long trek home. Selamat malam, y'all.


  1. After the storm has such deep meaning. Growing up in Florida, though, I completely understand and can even feel the change in the atmosphere, the smell, the cleanness of everything after a storm. Loving your pictures and will try to catch up with your blog after tomorrow (last final). Hope your trip home is peaceful and without drama.

  2. I am loving your blog updates about your Indonesian trip, Lori! The beautiful pictures and great descriptions have me longing to get on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere for an adventure. Enjoy your remaining time, and have a safe journey home!


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